10 Cities With Enormously High Homeless Population

As the world population is increasing every day, the numbers of Destitute or homeless people is increasing as well. It is even higher to the point that there is a Human Rights Commission on Human Rights has put together a list of top ten cities that have massive populations of people who are homeless. These individuals are deficient of vital necessities of life and are not even provided with the suitable living place.

There are many cities in these cities where there are people who live as homeless and spending their lives living in parks, sleeping on benches, pathways, or abandoned locations. The homeless population engages in acts like soliciting help, eating the leftover food they have and selling salvage objects. Visit:- https://populer.co.id/

This is the typical situation that you can find in the top ten cities that have extremely high homeless populations. In modern cities, like any other, issue of homeless people is present in all societies. The following list of cities that have extremely high homeless population are:

1- Manila, Philippines: alone in the Philippines there are 1.2 million people living within the Philippines who are homeless. There are homeless people living in Manila is 70,000. The 22.8 million that live in slums and they are mostly involved in begging or selling. There is also poverty that plagues the cities. This causes the city to be included on the top ten cities in the world with very high levels of poverty’ list.

2. Moscow, Russia: According to the rough estimation it is estimated that there are 10,000 to homeless people who live in the Moscow, only. Five million homeless people in Russia. There is no action from the government, as the numbers are increasing each day. This is the reason why this city is in the top ten cities with an extremely high number of homeless.

33 Indianapolis, Indiana: This city has the population go alarmingly homeless individuals increasing with every passing year. The former mayor of Indianapolis was a former mayor of Indianapolis city. According to a study, the number of destitute people is around 15,000 people each year in Indianapolis. This is the reason experts consider it among the top ten cities that have the highest number of homeless.

4- Chicago, Illinois: The number of destitute people is increasing each year. They are worried that by the end of the year, people who live on the streets or living as the beggars will expand. The city is included in the list of top ten cities with high homeless populations.

5- Athens, Greece: the poor financial situation for the city lowered the quality of life for inhabitants and there are many homeless people who live in the streets. 9000 people are primarily from Athens who are homeless . The Government isn’t taking appropriate steps to stop it consequently, the city has been one of the top ten cities with very significant homeless populations.

66 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil The year before there were 2,500 homeless residents in Rio De Janeiro. The homeless people live on the streets and this is the reason why the city is ranked among one of the top ten cities that have the highest number of homeless. People are living on the streets and involved in street crimes.

7- Rome, Italy: the reason Rome is in the top 10 cities with an extremely high percentage of homeless is that there are 17,000 people who are homeless in the Italy and 7,000 of them reside in the city of Rome.

88 San Francisco, USA: San Francisco is another city with the highest number of populations who live in the street. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people are homeless and aren’t yet ready to move into the shelters given to them by government officials of the USA government. If you add this number, the total number of homeless is about 10,000 in the San Francisco. This city is also featured in the top ten cities that have extremely high homeless populations.

99 Budapest, Hungary: in the the top ten cities with the sixth highest homeless population. The highest number of homeless individuals is the one living alone in Budapest where there are 10,000. The government is taking stern actions to end the problem and there are 6,000 homeless who live in Budapest city alone.

10- Mumbai, India: The condition of the homeless in Mumbai is very concerning as the homeless are living wherever they find space. In Mumbai, there’s 25,000 homeless living on the streets of Mumbai. In total there are 23 million destitute people living in India. Mumbai is also among one of the top ten towns with extremely high home homeless populations.

Each of these cities listed among the top ten of cities that have an extremely high homeless population are working to tackle the issue of homeless people through initiatives. The authorities of the top ten cities that have an extremely high homeless population is trying to reach out to homeless people through providing employment opportunities, shelters, or an allowance, but the amount continues to increase in the last few years. Some have succeeded while others are trying extremely hard.


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