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The idea of posting topics to a web log, which is also known as blogs, is not something that is new. A lot of people were “blogging” for years in the hopes of venting, making money, or to meet new people. The use of blogging as a tool of blogging is coming to light. Blogging to bring traffic to your site.

How can a business utilize a blog to build in traffic and eventually sell more products? It’s easy to follow a 3-step blog strategy: Update your blog regularly and on a regular basis, bookmark your site either manually or through automated systems, then create links among your blogs and related blogs to boost traffic and search engine rank.

For Posting on a Schedule

Though the caliber of your content is very important, it is just as important to regularly post. If you start out posting daily or three times per week, you must to be ready to keep up that schedule throughout the time your blog is in existence. Nothing is more irritating for a person who reads your blog than getting used to getting the latest updates from your blog, but to then have no news to post for a week or longer. I am sure that if repeat this more than once without reason, you’ll have be back and find that your readers have opted out of your feeds and stopped visiting your blog. Visit:-

Since you are looking to boost traffic to your site it should be your top goal to give your visitors the reason to keep coming back to your site every day.

If you know that you’ll be unable to post for awhile, you can create a series of posts , and then set your blog to post the posts on specific time and dates. This is a great option if you are aware that you are going on vacation or you are being sick. The best advice I can give you is to write when you have a many things to say, your post, but don’t make it public right away, and then allow the blog to “go live” at a regularly scheduled interval.

Make use of Social Bookmarking

To increase the amount of traffic that your company’s website receives it is important to get the most people to be aware about your blog as much as you can. Social bookmarking lets you post your blog’s content to directories in which people visit to find out more about subjects they are interested in. There are some things to keep in mind when creating your blog to ensure efficient bookmarking. It is imperative to submit your blog to the most well-known bookmarking sites such as Technorati, StumbleUpon, and Digg. It is possible to do this manually or through the free bookmarking sites like Social Poster. It can be a long task but it is well worthwhile to use these directories to be aware of your blog.

It is crucial that you provide an easy way for your readers to bookmark the site as well. When someone is reading a blog or a post that they find useful it is a good idea to bookmark the blog so others are able to benefit from that blog. Bookmarking your blog will bring attention to your blog and in turn, increase the popularity of your service or product through massive amounts of targeted (interested) visitors.

Create Links to Other High Quality Blogs

In the real world, it’s all about who you know. Being able to link your blog to other blogs helps you look good. Then again who would advertise your blog for free in the absence of something valuable to offer?

There are a number of ways to have your blog linked with other blog sites. It is firstly possible to contact or email the blogger’s owner and request a link exchange. Most bloggers have a “link List’, or Blogroll on the left side of their blog for their readers to find other blogs of interest. Be sure to limit your requests to bloggers that write about topics that are related to your blog. If your blog is about good cat care an estate-related blog will have the least amount of value in linking to you!

Another way to obtain hyperlinks on other websites is by taking part in commenting on blogs. Make sure you stick to blogs related to your blog, or else you’ll be accused of spamming or’splogging and is disapproved of. Leave only useful comments on blogs that are interesting to you or which you can give useful information about. Be careful not to oversell, but it is generally accepted to provide a URL if appropriate. Many blogs are set up in a way that, if the user who posts a comment is a registered user of the website and their name is visible as a hyperlink to their profile page or directly to your website. This is an effective means for readers to get more information about you without having to slap a web address in the eyes of bloggers who aren’t interested.


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