Reading – Astrology, Face, Numerology, Psychics and Tarot

Readings are a wonderful way to discover more about yourself and identify what you are aware of even if it’s not written down. I’ve been through numerous readings in my life and always learn something from them. What better way to use your time and energy than becoming acquainted with you!

  • Astrology Reading I have had charts and readings created for me. They’re always fascinating. The fascination of astrology in nowadays is that it has plenty to learn from the Western and Chinese types: natal, daily, monthly, weekly, annual relationship and compatibility, love, careers, pets, etc. Each of these readings can help us. Recognizing yourself in the planets, signs houses, aspects and houses is a great feeling. For example, one thing about me is that I do not like doing housework at all cost. My birth chart revealed that I was a person with “problems dealing with daily chores” and almost  none. Visit:-
  • Even though this information isn’t going to make cleaning easier, it’s helped me better understand my personal traits and made me feel more confident about my life in this area. What a gift!
  • Face reading: A few years ago, a friend of mine read my face. She not only examined and measured the various features of my face, but my head as well. These spaces, bumps curvatures, and other distinct features have meaning! Face reading is the ability to detect faces and judge the physiognomy of a person by looking at their faces as well as the structure of their faces. My friend had been studying personology, which was developed by a judge, and she was an effective jury selector. My cool reading experience taught me many things. Like, for instance my forehead’s round shape indicated original thought and creativity. At the time, I was a graphics designer, and this trait perfectly.
  • Numerology Readings: Numerology has been an intriguing science that I’ve read about. I also got numerology reports from my personal that were extremely thorough and instructive. The readings will reveal the Life Path number. This number is based on the date and symbolizes the person’s energetic energy. The name that is given at birth is a sign of the energy and the person’s role in these external happenings. Forecasts are also derived by analyzing the numbers and also from the connection between these numbers with the date and name. The personal experience I had with prepared reports was eye-opening. I felt like I could keep reading the reports and learn new information each time.
  • psychic reading: I have more personal experience and knowledge about psychic readings than with any other type of reading. My psychic readings have been varied, most in person and some by phone, and comprised of aura, past life couples families, roses and music, female chakra and others. Certain psychic readings have been asking a question of one or more readers and getting responses. Some have been focused on me as a woman. In the female readings I’ve had, the reader was clairvoyant and looked at me like being a spirit in that particular moment and told me how much I wanted children, how much I owned my body, the myths I’ve been conditioned by my gender as well as past lives where I was a female, and the list goes on. It was my own energy that found strange, something I could not shake and it was not what I imagined. The psychic readings could assist me in releasing the energy and help me resolve the related issue. The female as well as other psychic readings I’ve received have given so much validation to me and my path as a spiritual being. They are highly recommended.
  • Tarot Reading:There was one point in my life at which I received a lot of tarot readings. Now I usually get the ones with three cards however, I did go to a psychic who performed the more extensive spreads. She used the Rider-Waite card deck. There are a variety of decks to choose from. These readings were always encouraging and invigorating, filled with the possibilities for what I could create for myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed the readings. I’ve used the Inner Child deck for myself as well, which was fun. As with all readings, it’s the interpretation that is important when it comes to tarot.

These are the types I’m familiar with and can tell you are available. There are other methods of divination for instance, Runes and the I Ching. Although many think that readings are only dependent on the person reading however, we, as readers, have a lot to answer for. Still, that’s for another article. Human beings recognize the moment they require assistance and direction, and I believe that getting a reading is one of the most helpful and enlightening experiences we can have. They’re also entertaining, let’s not forget!

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