The Double Negative

Josh was stunned. He was in the audience and was involved in a movie that wanted to see the protagonist beaten. He had no place to run. It was one of the few horrifying moments in life when a person was in the position of another and wanted to do something else elsewhere. Or, click to change channels and everything disappears. But no, there he was humiliated, stuck at that moment, and saw the woman just minutes before he thought it was the beginning of something wonderful. He felt a deep pain in his chest. He held back his tears. He wasn’t happy with Lisa and “Guess Arrived,” and the arrogant jerk, Karl, showed a self-righteous look on his face a few feet away. He had to calm down and find something casual and intelligent to say in the world of pain.
There they are standing at the entrance to the Kosher restaurant late at night. Lisa and Karl are already planning to be in the middle of Lisa’s date with Josh, who suddenly became a third wheel. Karl looks at Josh and patiently says, “She is with me now.” And he sat at one of the outdoor tables. Josh feels a boiling wave of anger. He takes a deep breath and extinguishes the steam. Anger is gone for now.┬áVisit:-
“Lisa, that’s why I asked you several times if there was anything between you and Karl,” Josh said in a gentle, stoic voice. “No problem!” Lisa replies with a moan. “We were just good friends.”

“They’re just good friends, but they leave me in the middle of an appointment and go home with Karl because that’s what he wants. Do you really don’t know what’s going on here? ? “I was using it. This was to make him jealous for the past two weeks. Everything you said, looked and gestured was a lie. ”

“No, that’s not true! I like you very much. Josh, I’m confused now. ”

“Well, it’s very easy to fix.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll leave this triangle, and it’ll be Karl with you. Don’t get confused anymore. I’m going home now.” He goes out the door, Lisa follows him, and Karl sits down. I’m standing a few feet from where I am.
Lisa turns to Karl and she “knows that Josh is playing the piano well,” she says. Karl nodded when he fought the urge to roll his eyes.
Josh looks back. “Thank you for the compliment,” he replied, trying not to get in the way of the shocking turn. “Did you enjoy my music?” Listen to Lisa with excitement.
Josh knew she was bowing to him, but he again got rid of his anger and spoke passionately. It was the only way he could avoid this while keeping his tattered dignity together. Karl brags about how this beautiful woman loves him because he wanted to tell her her truth, and he doesn’t love her. But he quickly drifted and dismissed his idea, knowing it was useless. Karl will only deny it and Lisa will refuse to believe it. The two continued the game, with Karl fueling his ego and Lisa desperately wanting to join his wealth, and Josh and the truth disappeared from his egocentric memory. Instead, Josh just answered Lisa’s question, “Yes, you’re definitely a keyboard gurus, but it was a bit mechanical.”


“Yes, there’s no sense in your game. You just seemed to be working. It’s nice to hear the criteria, but it doesn’t evoke a lot of emotions. You are in a mental coma. Awaken and communicate with your soul! That way, people will pay a lot to hear you play, and you don’t have to sit in a mediocre restaurant to play tips in the glasses. Josh looks back and escapes from Lisa’s life forever.
Josh went home in a wave of stinging pain and had a hard time understanding what had happened without believing that people could do it to him. Can someone be so self-euphoric that they have no compassion for others? Karl’s image of self-satisfaction was particularly painful as the two men shared a personal story and broke bread at the same table. Suddenly, the word “double negative” pierces his brain like a laser beam. It was all a test because it was a test when everything came from God and there were difficult moments.
This was a double negative job. The pain and humiliation of Lisa’s escape, coupled with the arrogance of Karl’s victory, was an attack on the negative side of Josh, a spiritual element of fire that tended to be angry and blown away. Undoubtedly a lot of damage, Josh is on a difficult path before him to overcome the romantic blunder of this triangle. But when you apply the external negatives of others that cause destruction and pain to the internal negatives of your passion for revenge in an overwhelming way, the two cancel each other out as a force of darkness, revealing the light of God. Forgiveness on the side of.
Moshe Sharon

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